In the Beginning by Daughn Gibson

“In the Beginning” by Daughn Gibson: With independent music turning more and more toward sample-based music, a collection of mediocre DJ’s and producers have surfaced, looking to bask in the genre’s rewarding DIY aesthetic. Daughn Gibson’s debut, All Hell is a beautiful attempt at countering the monotonous nature that sample-based music is deteriorating into. Gibson is an eccentric guy, boasting a resume that spans from metal-guitar shredding to chopping up ghoulish country samples. All Hell is a dusty composite of tightly woven samples mashed into Gibson’s western croon that could only be described as the voice of a cowboy’s ghost. “In the Beginning” opens with a precise and pious piano sample and ascends into a collage of airy female vocals, sparse guitar arpeggios, and formulaic, classic song structuring. Gibson’s specific attention to detail, howling baritone, and obvious sampling and quantizing talent is a speeding bullet traveling towards the stagnant heart of sample-based music.

-Ryan Ricks


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