Sex by The Slowdown

In the last ten years, the way we listen to and discover music has changed drastically. Radio, record stores, and music-dedicated television have been dropped in exchange for the quick instant gratification of internet music blogging, MP3’s, and YouTube videos.  Whether this rift is a good thing is debatable; but one thing is certain: there is an infinite amount of bands inhabiting the world wide web. Some release a couple of MP3’s that Pitchfork labels as “Best New Music” and strike gold; others are placed on a pedestal of blogger hype only to fizzle out in the months to come. Music blogging is a form of natural selection. “Sex” by The Slowdown is a perfect example of the Darwinistic nature of the internet. Once called Drive Like I Do, then The Big Sleep, and then finally The Slowdown, this Manchester quartet tore up the blogosphere with a pounding, melodramatic series of risque anecdotes simply entitled “Sex.” The song is predictable, cliche, theatrical, and 100% enjoyable. From the trendy clothes and hipster haircuts to the singer’s ridiculous, almost boy-band worthy facial expressions in the song’s music video, one can’t help but to feel that these lads are trying way too damn hard. But as the video rolls on, you slowly start to empathize with the young band, flirting closer and closer to complete admiration. The emotive falsettos and “take-no-shit” back beat eventually wear down all prior premonitions and force sideways head banging, occasional fist pumps, and off pitch bellows of “she has a boyfriend anyway!” Unfortunately, this band has disappeared; their Soundcloud, MySpace, and all other forms of social networking have been taken down and “Sex” appears to be their latest single. What is so great about this song is the fact that it does not care. The Slowdown say what they want to say, look how they want to look, and actually seem to feel their own music, a quality that is rare in today’s coldly hip world. Should we blame technology for these guys’ dissolution? Or should we blame ourselves for getting caught up in musical hedonism? Regardless, “Sex” is a historic landmark in the tragic world of internet hype.

-Ryan Ricks


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