Walk the Moon by DailyDos

Hip-hop has always provided us something great: a story. From Ice Cube’s illustrations of ghetto life to Kid Cudi’s wake n’ bake anecdotes, hip-hop has been subtly infused with aspects of literature. Unfortunately in recent years the genre has seemed to cater to scoring awkward teenage dance parties, with artists tacking on absurd dances to each and every “single”. Luckily, 2012 has seen an enormous rise in great MC’s, boasting wordsmiths like Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and Big K.R.I.T. On “Walk the Moon,” a stand-out track from the excellent new mixtape, The Drive by hip-hop outfit, DailyDos, rapper Chris Bishop exemplifies just what has awoken the “swagged out” genre from its dance club induced coma. The crisp sample of “This is How We Walk on The Moon” is innovative and soothingly jazzy. The persistent beat softly pummels Bishop’s nostalgic and success driven lyrics like a baby who’s been given boxing gloves. Bishop’s flow is narrow and quick, filled with lines that force smiles, and it is unmistakably determined. “Walk The Moon” will have you using the noun “pimp” as an adjective and will provide incentive to buy Patron instead of Kentucky Deluxe. Hip-hop has always been about the underdog; a narrative of the struggle to success. With The Drive, DailyDos have written the first chapter of their rags to riches story.

The Drive

-Ryan Ricks


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