Remember Our Days by Lotus Plaza

There is something very comforting in nostalgia. Mentally returning to the days in which Madden ’07 scuffles were settled by stick wars, swimming pools were aquatic fields of warfare, bicycles provided an endless gateway of adolescent freedom, and a five yard carry was considered a “great play,” is a pensive, inevitable exercise of the human mind. We all miss and crave the pre-teen world of ignorant bliss, especially Deerhunter’s Lockett Pundt. Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, Pundt has a knack for warm psychedelia, whether it be on Deerhunter’s exceptional Halycon Digest or Lotus Plaza’s hazy, Spooky Action at a Distance. On Lotus Plaza’s “Remember Our Days,” Pundt captures the warm queasiness of departure and coming of age, injecting his trademark Spacemen 3-like psychedelia into each arpeggiated note. The repetitive, strict guitar lines keep the song chugging along like an old sail boat that is casually allowing the wind to push the vessel into no man’s land. Pundt’s lyrics have never been so bittersweet. He softly sings, “Goodbyes are sometimes too long,” and “I’ll miss our times on the phone,” simply illustrating the inevitability of leaving. The song conjures up memories of the ending of the fun 1998 film, Small Soldiers, where the Gorgonites leave the protagonist character on a ship in search for a new land. Pundt’s hushed, reverberated tone characterizes the quiet, lump-in-throat aspects of departure and nostalgia. We all grow up, we all leave great memories behind, we forget old friends, we all are carried by the infinite flow of time, but we are all “borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

-Ryan Ricks



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