Love Is Gonna Lift You Up by Bobby Womack

I have always wanted to go to a black church. There seems to be something so uplifting, positive, and enlightening about large groups of people having pious epiphanies–shouting–sweating–singing all at once, hands cast into the air begging for religious forgiveness. I could only imagine that people leave these ceremonies feeling ready to seize the day and eager to suck the marrow out of life. Bobby Womack has encapsulated the sunny awakening of the positive aspects of believing into “Love Is Gonna Lift You Up”. Womack’s newest work, The Bravest Man in the Universe, is a collection of gritty, finely produced tales of redemption, failure, lies, and hope. On “Love Is Gonna Lift You Up,” the old soul troubador focuses on the sun’s rise rather than it’s departure. The crisp 808 drum loops and the bobbing organ riffs compliment Womack’s inspirational lyrics as he cries, “a new day, will come alive!–love will bring you past the pain!” just before rejoicing the song’s title in a choir of gospel singers. A carefully placed horn loop slides into the mix almost unnoticed, forcing listeners to acknowledge the song’s intensive detail and polished production. The song flows like a river shining brightly in the sun, providing life for its inhabitants and fun for its tourists but never failing to flow. Life can be tough; relationship failure, loneliness, bad credit, drug addiction, financial debt, and our own personal insecurities can mar our attempt at success and happiness. “Love Is Gonna Lift You Up” stares these pressures in the face and tells them to go to hell, I’ve got the lord. And that my friend is why Bobby Womack is The Bravest Man in the Universe. 

– Ryan Ricks


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