Criminal Kids by Literature

Imagine this: you have just finished school, maybe earned a doctorate or a master’s degree. You are gunning the six-cylinder engine of a Shelby GT 500 ’67 Mustang down Pacific Coast Highway, windows down, wind beating at your face. In the seat next to you is a gorgeous woman dressed somewhat bohemian. She like good books, film, and actual music and she is totally engrossed in your James Dean-like persona. The smell of the pacific and the slush of its waves beat their nautical aromas into your mindset, forcing you to literally “go with the flow.” You are young and naive and ready to make mistakes. When I listen to “Criminal Kids” by Literature, this is exactly how I feel. Literature is an Austin, Texas based band that has been kicking up quite a bit of dust in the local music scene. Their brand new debut, Arab Spring is a rambunctious collection of fun garage-pop tunes that never fail at enjoying themselves. “Criminal Kids” opens with a soaring guitar riff and a pounding, break-neck rhythm. The barrage ascends into a shouting sing-along verse in which singer, Kevin Adickes, bellows, “you can tell me I’ve done nothing wrong!” Sloppy, carefree guitar downstrokes drive the song into a nonchalant, incredibly punk chorus. Mike Yaklin’s ambitious drumming keeps the song’s heartbeat thumping like an Adderall addict’s. The band shreds through two minutes and seven seconds in the blink of an eye, leaving the listener craving more of their indie-garage concoction. Literature may not be the most skilled musicians on the planet, but their unpretentious, DIY ethics surpass their talent and create something entirely enjoyable. “Criminal Kids” is a fun, catchy, and infectious tune that captures the carefree attitude of punk and indie-rock perfectly.

-Ryan Ricks

Literature’s Bandcamp


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