Summer Playlist

BBQ’s, beaches, boardwalks, summer-flings, sundresses, short swim trunks, bikinis, sunglasses, heat, surf, late nights, breezes, nostalgia. Summer is filled with personality. Here are some tracks that we think fit the alluring warmth of summer.


***TO DOWNLOAD: Right click on link and click on “Download linked file.” If you have a PC, I believe you right click and select “save linked file as.” Some of these links are not direct MP3’s and take you to a website that allows you to download. Enjoy!


“All of Us” by Painted Palms 

“Easy” by Pure X 

“Suday” by Heavenly Beat 

“Sailing” by Seapony 

“It’s Real” by Real Estate

“Baby” by Donnie & Joe Emerson 

“As Young as Yesterday” by Korallreven 

“It Will Never Be” by White Fence 

“Myth” by Beach House 

“Keep Dreaming Baby” by Two Wounded Birds 


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