Take It by Don, Joe, & Eldon

The world of private pressing is so astronomically large and enduring that it would take a lifetime to become decently knowledgable on the musical subdivision. There are some people who have mastered that knowledge. These conquistadors are usually seen pillaging dusty record crates at goodwill, unbathed and wearing tattered clothes that they’ve had on for a week. To them, their life is solely based on finding that one obscure record that was recorded in a Kentucky basement by a family of six runaway orphans that were once members of a cult–and that is commitment. What is so great about the world of private pressing is it’s versatility; there’s something out there for everyone. From bedroom pop jams to dark industrial experimentation, private pressings provide massive amounts of entertainment to those who are brave enough to explore it. In 1979,   in rural Washington, two young whippersnappers by the name of Donnie and Joe Emerson released their debut album Dreamin’ Wild. It was recorded in their home built studio and featured bedroom rock sessions, moonlight make-out anthems, and nostalgic guitar haze. The album has become somewhat of a cult classic with Ariel Pink covering their most popular and well known song, “Baby.” “Take it” by Don, Joe, and Eldon (Eldon is an unknown third musician that plays with the Emersons) follows the same foggy-shoreline atmosphere of Dreamin’ Wild; the song’s guitars work bumbles along like seashore foam, chugging the song like a tugboat lost at sea. The drumming is lackadaisical and sloppy, contributing even more to the breezy aroma of the song. The Emerson’s home studio is filled with reverb that drenches the song in a wet ocean refreshment. Simply put, the brothers have created one of the best unheard of surfer jams out there. A dedicated surfer spends his life in search of the perfect wave and dedicated music listeners spend their lives beach combing for that hidden gold.

-Ryan Ricks





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