Hidden Gold: Brothers and Sisters

Digging through the immeasurable pile of burned CD’s that inhabit my closet’s shelves, my tired eyes laid upon a CD with the title, “Ry-Man 2010.” The year struck a chord within my memories and I popped the CD into my computer. Instantly, I was taken back to the “good ol’ days” and filled with nostalgic sensation. The mix came to a close with a simple, guitar and vocals tune that I really loved. Googling the lyrics turned up nothing. Googling “slow acoustic song + lyrics” also failed. So I decided to ask the mad scientist behind the mix: my dad. I let him listen to it and he went into his musical man cave and returned carrying a yellow-blue album entitled Fortunately. I soon learned that the “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want-like” acoustic closer was called “The Wind” by an Austin, Texas based band called Brothers and Sisters. I placed the album into my stereo and let the bad boy play. I was shocked at its folky brilliance. Led by Will and Lily Courntey, Brothers and Sisters are an eight-piece pop band who wear their Neil Young, Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield influence on their sleeve. Will Courtney’s voice is  simple yet entirely distinct–very reminiscent of Doug Martsch. His sister’s voice is as lofty as it is infectious, swirling with Van Gogh-like impressionism throughout each track.  When finished with the album one can’t help but to feel like they are in the 1960’s, raging against the societal machine. Fortunately is so anachronistic that it could almost be considered a time capsule from the future. The band’s musicianship is exceptional: each song is carefully crafted and each instrument is implemented with close attention, from whirling pedal steels to buzzing organ and groovy fuzz guitar. Fortunately lacks any sort of indie-rock pretension; it just flows along like a kite in the wind. Sometimes our walls seem to be getting closer and closer to our noses, encapsulating our every move and deterring our happiness. Brothers and Sisters are one of those bands that  show just how infinite the world of music is, and that to me is joyously affirming.

-Ryan Ricks

Brothers and Sisters’ Website


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