Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die by Pure X

A teenager’s summer can become quite monotonous; there’s only so many segments of  SportsCenter, re-runs of the Maury Show, Facebook stalking, and Grand Theft Auto-ing that a teen can ingest before being totally succumbed by the social black hole of repetition. On the plus side, a summer can provide beautiful glorious things like stone cold pool relaxation, beach fireworks, summer flings, bikinis, cool nights, and memorable, peer-related anecdotes. Pure X, an Austin-based trio successfully captures the warm breezy sensation of a slightly-inebriated summer night. Their debut LP, Pleasure is a collection of opaque, sticky slow burners that gel together to make a friendly syrupy blend of reverb and fuzz. Preceding Pleasure, the band released a four song EP entitled You’re In It Now that followed the same moonlit beach aesthetic of Pleasure.  “Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die” –a cut from the EP finds Pure X at their most accessible, featuring poppy Real Estate-esque guitar melodies, head-bobbing ride cymbal caravanning, and soupy, masked lo-fi crooning. The opening guitar line shimmers like the glint of an ocean swimmer’s float, caressing its infectious, doo-wop inspired harmony slowly into the back of your brain until it goes unnoticed. Jesse Jenkins’ bass rolls with heavy relaxation that can only be described as a stoned metronome–seemingly providing the band with the only incentive to keep jamming. The song is so relaxed and carefree that feeling uptight after one listen is impossible. When the song lapses, the listener is forced into consciousness, bitterly ending their “camping-on-the-beach-drinking-beer-with-your-friends” daydream. Pleasure and You’re In It Now will fit comfortably in the record shelves of salt water smelling, marijuana purchasing, kelp infused hair styling surf addicts. And even if you’re not one for the waves, you can’t not get caught up in the ice cold chilling that is going on in “Don’t Wanna Live, Don’t Wanna Die.”

-Ryan Ricks

Here’s their website


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