All We Wanna Do by Two Wounded Birds

If you have not noticed yet, this blog has been littered with the words, “surf,” “nostalgia,” and “garage,” in many posts. That is simply because I love nautically themed music; it’s my niche, if you will. There’s something so alluring about the beach and the sea. The boardwalks, the way it looks during a storm or a moonlit night, the breaking of its waves; it is just a very comforting place of solitude. But the beach can also be a place for youthful raucous partying. Beaches are like America’s Amsterdam: you can get away with anything. Beer pounding, reefer puffin’, overtly loud and crude language, bad tattoos and male nipple piercings, and for the more “adventurous,” sex are all things that  avid beach-goers will encounter. “All We Wanna Do” by Two Wounded Birds transports the more happening side of the beach into a one minute and fifty-one seconds breakneck jammer. Two Wounded Birds are an indie-rock collective from Margate, UK whom specialize in reverb and infectious pop melodies. The ooh’s in the song’s intro kickstart the beachcomber motor in the anthem, eventually ascending into slurred, cool punk-rock vocal shouts. The band seems to be a group of James Dean aficionados; each of them emulates “cool” and pulls it off very well. “All We Wanna Do” is a jam packed bullet of surf and garage that strikes you right in the heart and forces incessant head-bobbing and sing-along. Two Wounded Birds will have you selling your Camry for a Ford Woody and trading your bike for a surfboard. Summer is brutally hot but water (bless its heart) is here to cool us down. If you are like us, hundreds of miles from a beach (if you could even consider the Gulf a beach) Two Wounded Birds will bring the waves, food stands, and sand to your ears.

-Ryan Ricks

Here are some others:


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