Mickey’s Dead by Elvis Depressedly

The world is filled with different kinds of people: millionaires, plumbers, druggies, teenagers, architects, burnouts; the list is endless. Music is a fantastic way in which these certain genres of people openly express themselves. One could look at music as post-literature; each artist has their own personal story to tell, their own internal struggles and insecurities, and their own take on the best philosophy to live by. On the debut album, Mickey’s Dead, from South Carolina native Matt Cothran a.k.a Elvis Depressedly, the scarred troubadour spins a harrowing tale of his destructive upbringing and faulted childhood. On “Mickey’s Dead” Cothran focuses on his unfortunate emotional detachment from his parents, singing, “I ain’t loved my father since I can’t remember when,” and “I ain’t seen my mother since I can’t remember when,” each cadence dripping with sincere melancholy. The song’s lo-fi production enables extreme personal appeal as it forces the listener into Cothran’s bedroom as he spews out his anxieties. The voyeuristic approach of this debut may turn some listeners off but Mickey’s Dead is never not therapeutical. Cothran’s life must be tough, but he accepts this, and sharing his story allows him to release his demons and allow the world to relate to his issues. Music can be the healthiest drug out there; it can take your mind off of the world’s dark spots and show the you the clear ones.

-Ryan Ricks

Here’s a download for the entire Mickey’s Dead


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