Moon & Stars by Big K.R.I.T. feat. Devin the Dude (Clams Casino Remix)


Back in the 1990’s when Snoop and Dre released The Chronic, the two old-school gangstas spawned an entire new aesthetic of hip-hop: stone cold chillin’. The easy, laid back feel of The Chronic struck a chord in its audience and informed a seemingly uptight generation (grunge, N.W.A., the Los Angeles race riots) about the good things that can go on in the hood. With this came a slew of rappers focused on relaxed production and calm, easy-going flows. From Ice Cube’s narrative of a perfect day in the ghetto in “It Was a Good Day” to Baby Bash’s ode to females in the top 40 hit, “Suga Suga,” chilled out hip-hop is a very relevant segment of the genre in today’s world. On “Moon & Stars” by Big K.R.I.T. feat. Devin The Dude (Clams Casino Remix,) the rappers illustrate a doobie-rolled date through the description of a perfect midnight drive. The song flows in such an easy manner that you are forced into the backseat of K.R.I.T.’s convertible, cool wind in your face, star’s gleam in your eye, ready to begin or conclude a breezy night. Clams Casino’s production is bouncy and filled with just enough fog to subtly mask K.R.I.T.’s confident, solid flow. Devin the Dude’s verse is comical yet determined, clearly informing the listener of his “score” on the date. The song rolls at half-speed providing just enough time for the listener to absorb the anecdote that Devin the Dude and Big K.R.I.T. are trying to tell. Hip-hop seems to have three pathways for its rappers to walk-down: the chill path, the ignorant path, and the blue collar path. All three are perfectly acceptable, but on “Moon & Stars” Big K.R.I.T shows just how soothing the chilled path of hip-hop can be.

-Ryan Ricks


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