Self Immolation Family by Self Defense Family

If you’ve ever tuned into one of those rehab/intervention shows you understand the debilitating effect of drugs and hard-living. It’s actually quite saddening to see such once-renown singers and actors living their lives in shambles. Even the funny, hate-to-laugh-at “Best Cry Ever” internet sensation has an underlying sense of sadness to it. Self Defense Family, a post-hardcore band from Cohoes, New York, examines the enduring lifestyle of a drug addict on their dark, furious “Self Immolation Family.” Lead singer, (probably more of a lead belter) Patrick Kindlon passionately yells down-in-the-dirt statements over melodic yet abrasive guitar melodies; the drums pound along like a tank, destroying all in its path. The song’s unique structure adds vitality to the would-be long length of six minutes and sixteen seconds, keeping listeners intrigued and craving to see what comes next. Kindlon’s growl is cruel and forgiving at the same time, hurting all predators while welcoming all guests. The song ends with a vocal crescendo revolving around “pills” and “thrills.” Self Immolation, the burning of oneself in order to make a statement, is exactly what this song is describing: the wasting away of oneself in order to continuously live a life that one wants to live. Self Defense Family is not a band for the lighthearted. They’re an enduring listen and their focus on dark matter may put some people off. But the world is not completely made of sugar and sometimes we need someone to step up and say just how shitty a situation is. Self Defense Family does just that, and they do it well.

-Ryan Ricks


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