Ain’t It So by PAPA

Since the day Christopher Owens announced his departure from Girls, sprinkles of their discography have made their way into my daily playlist. Girls were an incredible band; their sunny introspective songs were coated with a modest San Francisco sugar that embellished Owens’ darker lyrics, creating a Neo-European form of jangle pop. Girls’ drummer, Darren Weiss, kept busy throughout his career with Girls, forming his own saccharine side project called PAPA. The duo, which consists of Weiss and childhood friend, Danny Presant, opened for Girls on their most recent tour and released a solid EP entitled A Good Woman is Hard to Find in November, but never really seemed to garner the buzz they deserve. “Ain’t it So” follows the same luminous path of former Girls tracks but it contains a curled-lip slab of confidence that Girls could never seem to fully grasp. The song also boasts a key change that would have Springsteen gawking, raising the jaunty head-bobber to an almost pious level. Its seasonal versatility is comparable to that of bands like Vampire Weekend and Beach House; you could shovel snow or surf waves without ever feeling discombobulated by the song’s seemingly summery approach. The rhythm bobs like a fishing lure that’s not quite sure of itself, jostling from steady backbeats to unstable cadences. Unfortunately, PAPA has not seemed to be in the blogosphere’s scope. They never received a “Best New Music” title and were never featured in an Instagram picture on Gorilla vs. Bear, shocking, I know. Maybe with Girls’ conclusion, the independent community will be more willing to flesh these guys out. They deserve it.



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