Carried Away by Passion Pit

People’s attitudes toward dancing is one of the world’s greatest dichotomies; when it comes up as a nightly suggestion, dancing is met with either embarrassed scorn or confident glee. Regardless of one’s ability/desire to get their feet moving, tons of music and hyperactive rhythms have been geared toward inducing as many sweat drenched, club-nights as possible. The 80’s saw synth pop and Prince, the 90’s saw house music, but the 00’s advanced dance music in a myriad of intellectual, fun, and accessible ways. LCD Soundsystem soundtracked hipster clubs, Lady Gaga got mainstream feet moving with her danceable, Madonna-like club anthems, and American dubstep reinvigorated the dying rave scene, creating an entirely new culture of amateur DJ’s. Passion Pit’s 2009 crossover hit, Manners, shifted indie-rock’s fascination with folk, guitar-rock, and post-punk to a deep attraction to the synthesizer. Hipsters worldwide sold their guitars and exchanged them for synths, ultimately creating 2010’s chillwave scene. On Passion Pit’s first release since 2009, Gossamer, productionshines brightly, featuring glossy compression, animated rhythms, and surging synth lines. “Carried Away” finds Passion Pit at their bounciest, featuring a sassy (yes, I said sassy) vocal melody, a disco-point encouraging drum beat, an incredibly catchy chorus, and a carefully implemented, intoxicating swirl of bells. Singer, Michael Angelakos, once criticized for his high-pitched light voice has clasped his voice with a sturdier fist, singing not too ethereal and not too baritone. His lyricism is also at a strong point, boasting Morrissey-esque lines like, “Please don’t ever note me as your friend” and “I don’t think I know you, and I don’t really want to.” And although Gossamer took three years to make, “Carried Away,” is a good indication why; the band obviously took their sweet time to make a great record. Success comes when the thing in question of admiration deserves it. Passion Pit are one of the biggest bands in the independent world, and have successfully been able to crossover to the mainstream, and their achievements are well earned.



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