High Fantasy by Lace Curtains

The catchy guitar pop of Lace Curtains takes me back a few years, back when the garage rock explosion was punching the blogoshpere with a vengeful fist. There are a couple of bands that reappear when I think about this sub-genre of garage revival; Harlem stands front and center in my mind. It won’t take long for those familiar with the Austin trio to recognize Lace Curtain’s vocals as Michael Croomer, the mastermind behind many of Harlem’s sweet and undeniably catchy jams. The DIY production is still present but the sound is smoother and cleaner. The song’s most gripping aspect is Croomer’s illustration of himself as a dynamic character. His lyrics initially contain a “dont-give-a-shit” attitude as he mocks his ex-girlfriend, but soon change to that of a drunken bar rat who nostalgically craves her presence. It’s a very relatable complex to the male race; there’s always that one girl you hate but love at the same time.  Get ready to replay this song a hella lot; it’s truly one of the more memorable jams of 2012.



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