Amenamy by Purity Ring

Ah, internet buzz. It’s awesome and horrible at the same time, it exposes great music in an easy, accessible way yet it has spawned a terrible throw-it-away, instantaneous culture. It’s like the five year old at the grocery store begging his mom to buy candy, “I want it NOW!!” But what happens when the band behind the buzz, the Best New Music accolades, and the numerous music festival bookings actually have enough talent and obscurity to stay “relevant” in today’s aggressive approach toward art and culture? A real “band” emerges, not just a collection of MP3 singles. In early 2011, Purity Ring, a Canadian synth-dream-trip-hop duo released a collection of MP3’s that tore through the blogosphere, gaining the group massive amounts of buzz. They played a couple of shows and then seemingly disappeared into the studio to write their brand new debut, Shrines. During this quick period of absence, one could easily lump Purity Ring into the buzz band cemetery along with other countless victims like Black Kids and more recently, Best Coast. Shrines is a pretty good indication of the band’s ability to break through the fluctuating nature of the hype. “Amenamy” is a tripped out, ethereal, glow of electronics. The beat skitters along like a southern hip-hop anthem, the 808’s pounding in a head-bobbing craze. The electronic synths twinkle and illuminate in cyclical patterns that illustrate colorful circles in your head. Megan James’ vocals deliver like a sirens, enticing and dangerous. Purity Ring’s finest aspect has to be their intriguing use of vocal pitch shifts. Nearly every song on Shrines features Burial-like vocal shifts throughout but contain enough variation that they feel entirely different from each other. Overall, Shrines is a pleasing take on buzz-based music and proves that Purity Ring have the ability to beat the instant gratification of the hype world. After all, who would want to have a record library of just 45’s?


<p><a href=”″>Pure</a&gt; from <a href=””>Jack Germain</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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