Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

With Frank Ocean’s recent coming out, one can’t help but wonder whether the praise that Channel Orange has received is directly correlated with his sexuality. It’s like Sandra Bullock winning an academy award for her mediocre performance in The Blindside because of her husband’s highly publicized adultery or Ian Curtis’ advancement into rock-god-indie-icon status because of his suicide (even though he was immensely talented.) Scandal, gossip, and trauma have always seemed to sugarcoat dark, average, or just plain dull forms of art. “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis doesn’t bother with this simple way of thinking. Instead, the duo confronts the controversial topic of being gay and exploits the loopholes and hypocrisy of gay right’s naysayers. “Same Love” isn’t like an angry Rachel Maddows tirade or an overtly flamboyant Perez Hilton “look-at-me” rant, it’s an approachable, empathetic, and modest thesis regarding the duo’s opinion toward homosexuality. Mary Lambert adds a beautiful chorus sample and the song’s piano loop is emotionally absorbing, conjuring up the feeling of returning to an old house you once grew up in or bumping into an old friend. Macklemore’s delivery is blunt and to the point, similar to Sage Francis, and Ryan Lewis’ production is laid back and finely developed; the beat rolls eagerly and inoffensively. It’s clear that Macklemore is not gay, he just believes in equal rights, something that I think the entire world should be behind. History has always had a way with bigoted suppression that stems from archaic, conservative ideals, from civil rights to animal rights. It’s our responsibility as a people to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, not any religion’s, not any law’s, and not any figurehead’s. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis cleanly and politely toss their liberal views onto a rainbow canvas.



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