Ice Age by Diarrhea Planet

If you were ever an eight to twelve year old boy, you played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. You skateboarded. And you sucked. A 6ft. drop-in was considered “rad”. You skated with your helmet unstrapped because it looked cool. You got in the way of soul skater twenty-somethings and got embarrassed. You put your board on top of a rail and then slide down it, considering yourself a “grind expert”. You spent $2.50 on saccharine Mountain Dew. And you loved every damn second of it. “Ice Age” by Diarrhea Planet is like a preteen’s skater energy: ambitious, abrasive, and playfully boastful. The guitars crash together, hurling forces of metallic punk-rock in all different directions. Shouts and Westerberg-esque growls melodically cover up the barrage, inducing rapid head bobs and violent fist pumps. “Ice Age” is as catchy as it is frantic, featuring Ramones-like vocal and guitar hooks. It’s tough to find a band that really embodies punk-rock these days, but Diarrhea Planet are an exception to that unfortunate trend. Diarrhea Planet’s skate-rock energy and genuine enjoyment of their music would fit nicely in a Rodney Mullen or Matt Hoffman video; they have that turn-of-the-century unpretentiousness and accessibility that punk-rock is all about. “Shred till you’re dead, or go to hell,” may or may not be the band’s official motto, but I think it suits them perfectly.


Here’s the music video to “Ice Age” which features the band getting slapped in the face with pizza, annihilating a game of darts, cruising dirty in a Scion, and accepting drumsticks from an angel-like figure, labeled “Dad.” Enjoy.


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