Tugboat by Galaxie 500

Do you remember when indie-rock wasn’t obsessed with being cool? When bands and artists didn’t necessarily care about how many jean jackets they own or how skinny their jeans fit. When bands didn’t drench their work in reverb and make their album covers some old person’s family photo. I miss these days. To me, Galaxie 500 embody the perfect indie band. Their sloppy, DIY, emotional, and highly melodic slowcore is so relatable and emotive that it added a trophy into the indie-rock trophy case for a victory in the best bands category. “Tugboat” is a quickly put together slow burner that boasts memorable lines like, “I don’t want to stay at your party, I don’t want to talk to your friends.” Dean Wareham’s voice wobbles on and on, faintly reminescent of a less vicious Jello Biafra. The instrumentation is dark and opaque, flowing thickly like a bottle of fresh syrup. The song’s emotionally distressed attitude reminds me of the thematic matter of bands like Bright Eyes and Simon Joyner.  Galaxie 500 have a big reason to be remembered so heavily in the independent community, and “Tugboat” is a great example of their prevalence.



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