Try by The xx

I think the majority of us are familiar with The xx. The laid back trio who brought us their fantastic debut album, xx, in 2009. The band’s stripped down minimalism and starry-eyed romanticism captured the hearts of many– romantics and cynics alike. Romy Madley-Crofts vocals were ethereal, mysterious, and sexy; inviting ex-lovers and future-romances to a big stargazing session all at once. Oliver Sim’s bass came in just at the right time, adding seductive layers of baritone to Madley-Croft’s lofty voice and Jamie xx’s production was crisp and exceptionally raw giving the band a creative organic feel. With their sophomore effort, Coexist set for release in September, one can’t help to wonder if The xx will fall victim to the much dreaded sophomore slump. After a (disappointing in my opinion) release of two songs from Coexist, “Angels” and Chains,” apprehension regarding the band’s newest effort began to surface. And then “Try” leaked. “Try” is a pensive analysis of wasted love. Sim and Madley-Croft question their approach to a misused relationship singing, “why do we waste time hiding it inside? I want you to be mine.” The duo’s voices mesh perfectly, blending a perfect mix of treble and bass together. “Try” has a slight reverb edge to it that gives it a watery shimmer. Jamie xx’s production is minimal when it needs to be, allowing Sim and Madley-Croft to clearly articulate their voices. The song leaves you craving love and acceptance like the early morning hours of a disappointing party; it’s just too easy to get caught up in the dreamy swirl of “Try.” If the rest of Coexist plays as effortlessly as “Try,” then The xx have got a masterpiece on their hands.



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