Strawberries by Why?

Have you ever taken a step back to analyze all of the obscure details your brain processes in one day? The this and that of socialization, the certain shade of a tree, or the name tag of the black haired, scruffy barista at Starbucks. Those details, no matter how minor or unimportant they may seem, are what keep us alive. They fill the black and white void with humanistic color, punching our universe’s indifference right in the teeth; they are our purpose. Yoni Wolf of the established hip-hop-indie outfit, Why? understands the importance of detail. Through the trio’s expansive discography Wolf has spun a collection of bizarre and intriguing tales, from sporting his ex-girlfriend’s dead ex-boyfriend’s boxers to getting sick and blowing chunks all over new shoes in the lot behind Whole Foods. Why? has always had that wincing charm, and on their new track, “Strawberries,” the band is back, unusual anecdotes and all. “Strawberries” opens up with a melodic piano progression, hand claps, shakers, and Wolf wittily recalling “the shit I said to hotel managers haunts me.” The song features a nice frolicking piano roll and a collection of xylophone jingles, only adding to Why?’s unconventionality. The driving force behind “Strawberries” is without a doubt the vocals from Yoni Wolf. His voice is nasally and discreet, drawing listeners in with a careful dose of suspense. Overall, the song is a gentle, puzzling ball of lyricism. It works like a David Lynch movie; it never tells you what the hell is going on. And that’s a good thing. If the rest of their upcoming album, Mumps, is this good Why? may have a masterpiece.



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