Mad by G-Eazy feat. Devon Baldwin

Is anybody else getting a little worn out on “Clique” or listening to Tyga blabber incoherently when they’re at a party? I mean there’s only so many times I can hear “ain’t  nobody fuckin’ with my clique” before I start actually fucking with it. Party rap can sometimes get incredibly redundant; there just doesn’t seem to be any innovation. Well thankfully, there is. G-Eazy, a white-boy rapper/producer is really onto something with his new mixtape, Must Be Nice. It’s a pleasant listen whether you’re looking to relax or get crazy and that’s something rare in the clubbing world of house-party rap. “Mad” is a perfect example of what G-Eazy is about. The guy has an obvious fascination with the late 50’s-early 60’s culture, sporting the greaser jacket, slicked pompadour, and what not. “Mad” has that diner progression sample that you’d hear from artists like Dion and Frankie Lymon. The production is as slick as Ponyboy’s hair, the 808 bounces and pops in an infectious way, leaving listeners thoroughly satisfied. G-Eazy’s lyrics are hilariously fun; rapping about the straightforward tendencies of the drunken, he says, “if I’m too blunt, it’s probably because I’m feeling these drinks I’ve already chugged,” carelessly apologizing for his crude inebriated flirtations. “Mad” is a unique take on a genre that can stereotypically become typecast. I’m hoping this guy will catch on and  eventually surpass the nonsensical rhymes of Tyga and Lil Wayne.



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