Hey, Hey Girl by Rocketship

Have you ever been so entranced by a song’s joyfulness that instead of bobbing your head back and forth, you bob it from side to side? That’s when you really know that a song is making you happy. There’s something so goofy looking about the sideways head bob that it can’t be done in normal circumstances. The rare yet glorious motion is produced from songs that make you feel like a character in a ’60’s-sunshine music video or like a back-up dancer to Cyndi Lauper– when she was in her prime. “Hey, Hey Girl” by Rocketship is one of those tunes. Rocketship was a ‘90’s indie pop outfit off of the prestigious hipster label, Slumberland. The group’s lo-fi guitar progressions, droning organs, and shaggy haired vocals draw comparisons to The Clean and Yo La Tengo, but Rocketship has a much more distinct personality than the two. While Yo La Tengo’s discography is massively broad and The Clean’s work is experimental and garage-based, Rocketship is one hundred percent indie twee. Today’s blogs would probably label them cute-wave and the Sacramento group’s female keyboardist would be plastered to the walls of young hipsters worldwide. Their debut single, “Hey, Hey Girl,” is easily a trademark to their sound. It contains everything that Rocketship is: melody, sloppy production, airy vocals, and charming lyrics. The melody is incredibly infectious (like I said, it will induce sideways head-bobs) and the instrumentation is unique enough to keep listeners engaged. Shakers and organ pulses come in at just the right time, producing that oh-so warm sense of pop genius. Tons of modern bands owe credit to these guys: Wild Nothing, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Beach Fossils to name a few. Rocketship is one of those pivotal bands that never really got discovered but did so much for the music industry. If you can’t hear the similarity between “Young Adult Friction” and “Hey, Hey Girl” then you’re not into independent music. Easy as that.



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