Moonsailing by Solicce


With 2012 on its way out, it’s common to undergo a series of reflective thoughts and feelings about the year that has passed. The passing of a year is a massive occurrence in the entire realm of things. For some, it is an ugly reminder of time’s inevitability, while for others, a year’s conclusion signifies the end of an awful chapter and the beginning of  a new chance. “Moonsailing” by the ambient experimentalist, Solicce, embodies the pensive reflection that occurs on the morning after New Year’s Eve. “Moonsailing” begins with a delicate, feather-like piano melody that clears your mind like a mental detox. After falling under the piano’s hypnotic trance, Solicce unleashes a watery wall of fragile ambient noise. Solicce structures the song like a walkup to the Grand Canyon; the producer slowly tiptoes toward the vast landmark until finally unveiling the massive spellbinding atmosphere that lays before him. “Moonsailing” will fit perfectly as the soundtrack to your New Year’s Day reflection period. It’s a massive song constructed with delicate intricacies. I look forward to further releases from Solicce because “Moonsailing,” is nothing short of an ambient masterpiece.



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