Banned from the Block by Liquor Store


What is it about New Jersey that produces such great music? The state’s got a huge number of indie and punk bands under its “boardwalk.” Bands like Yo La Tengo, The Misfits, Real Estate, Titus Andronicus, and of course The Boss, all hail from the Garden State. Jersey has got this ironic and intense hometown hero element going on that finds itself blending into its local music. It’s like everyone in Jersey hates Jersey but they’d be damned to let someone say that their state is better. Liquor Store, a punk-garage band started by ex-Titus Andronicus drummer, Sarim Al-Rawi, come straight out of northern Jersey, clenching a fist of boozy punk that is as infectious as it is cacophonous. On “Banned from the Block” the band find themselves in a garage rock, Sonics-esque ball of fury that hits listeners like a hard smack in the face. It’s full of gusto, full of life and youth, and it never drops its Jersey-rock influence. “Banned from the Block” is one of the many highlights from their excellent album, Yeah Buddy. 



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