That’s Some Dream by Good Old War


Most people at one point in their life question what they are doing. Is this career path the right one for me? Do I really love her/him? What is it that I want out of life? It’s easy to let Earth’s massive mouth of indifference swallow you whole and simply give in to the fact that life is meaningless, but that’s a copout. Accepting life’s absurdity is the bravest thing that mankind can do, a total act of defiance.  “That’s Some Dream” by Philadelphia folksters, Good Old War, is that little push toward philosophical rebellion. The song’s jaunty, simple chord progression and existentially uplifting lyrics act like a wonderful team of roots folk and literature. Good Old War’s instrumental chemistry is exceptional, the band blends vocal harmonies, simple guitar solos, and brush stroke snare hits with magical ease. Overall, “That’s Some Dream” is a bravely written song that is a beautiful listen.



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