Coalition by Iceage


It really sucks reblogging a song that’s already featured on huge independent music websites like Pitchfork and Stereogum, but I couldn’t help myself with this song– for punk’s sake, I felt it deserved recognition. One thing that really irks me and hopefully any other avid follower of modern music, is when someone declares a genre “dead.” When Tupac and Biggie were killed, the “rap is dead” slogan took on an all too common occurrence in the musical world. When Sid Vicious died, some people were so foolishly distraught that they claimed the knell of punk had rung. But how could one artist sum up an entire genre? A genre is made up of all the tiny little  idiosyncrasies of the artists that fall under them, not by one single artist. “Coalition” by Iceage is proof that punk is not dead. It’s a ferocious track filled with sweaty buzz-saw like guitars, pounding drums, and singer, Elias Ronnenfeldt’s Danish growl that is as crooning as it is violent. “Coalition” captures Iceage in a most fragile stage; the song feels like it could collapse at any second, leaving nothing but the band’s noisy amp feedback and angry refutation of corporate conglomeration in a boiling practice space in the middle of industrial Copenhagen to hear.”Coalition” is a ferocious rocker that returns Iceage back to their conventional punk roots and restores power and grit to today’s modern music.



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