Sugar and Spice by Willow Smith


Just over two years ago, the raucous party anthem, “Whip My Hair” took over the airwaves and dance floors. It was an addicting, loud song that contained amusing nonsensical rhymes and its own “whipping-of-the-hair” dance– it was an epitome of 2010’s popular culture. But where has Will Smith’s daughter-turned-singer gone as of late? Judging from her new personal ballad, “Sugar and Spice,” she’s been on the leather couch of a shrink’s office. “Sugar and Spice” tells the harrowing story of the mentally debilitating repercussions of child stardom– after all, puberty is hard enough to go through in the eyes of your peers, nonetheless the whole country. “They wanna puncture me and then wonder why I bleed,” Smith sings, explaining how critics and the tabloids have attacked her. Smith is way beyond her years; clocking in at just twelve years old, she is already sampling Radiohead, properly using the word “melancholy”, and examining the paradoxical effects of fame. “Sugar and Spice” is heartbreakingly familiar and painfully voyeuristic. It’s a song that takes you back to the awkward halls of your high school and mercilessly sits you down in front of the mirrors you once avoided looking into. Journalists, bloggers, and critics take their words for granted. Our tongue is a powerful weapon and a potentially destructive one when behind a computer screen. As music lovers we should all be careful about what we say and write, after all Willow Smith is a human, and a young one at that.



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