Charleston by Set Sail


Everybody has that one short period in their lives where they convince themselves that they’ll live out the rest of their days as a beach bum. They’ll buy a cozy beach shack, grow out long, golden, saltwater-kelp infused locks, and wear nothing but cut-off jean shorts and tank tops. “Charleston” by Australian beachsters, Set Sail, is a song dedicated to not just the beach, but the wide-eyed romance that comes along with the sand and waves. Its title is a reference to the spastically fun 1920’s dance, the Charleston, and is quite an appropriate reference– “Charleston” is filled with booming drums, jangly pop guitars, twisting and shouting, driving in El Caminos, whacky keyboard solos, and sweet, sweet pop melodies. If it doesn’t make you want to drop everything, buy a 1950’s Ford Woody with surfboards attached, grab your friends, and head to California, then I don’t know what will.



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