Another Place by Unknown Relatives


People in bands have a sixth sense – a sort of a supernatural camaraderie that travels throughout the world from musician’s brain to musician’s brain. They’re all connected in sense that they’ve all experienced live and loud musical fusion. It’s an experience shared only by members of the fraternity, it’s a feeling that is absurd in explanation; its definition is like explaining the concept of love to a child. It just happens. “Another Place” by Austin natives, Unknown Relatives, begins with a lonesome guitar line that eventually joins with a wonderfully unkempt set of drums and a dreamy set of hushed vocals. At around the one-minute mark, the song cascades into a noisy garage-rock massage of turbulence, awaking you from the sleepy daze that the lullaby intro lulled you into. But the song’s best aspect is its amateur familiarity. “Another Place” has that feeling – that musical sixth sense – it’s a song born out of DIY, hard-work, and jamming out in a crowded room with your buddies. “Another Place” transcends aesthetic exploitation and falls into it’s own world of smoggy, Ducktails meets Ty Segall brilliance.



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