Maybe by Jill Read


Donnie and Joe Emerson hyped up the world of private press this past year as their time capsule record, Dreamin’ Wild, resurfaced across independent music blogs throughout America. It’s a record that gets you thinking about music’s limit– if it even has one. Just think about how many records have been recorded since the phonograph took off around the turn of the century? Millions. With this massive broadness, one could ask, “is it even possible to be a true fan of music when it has no limits, no boundaries, no end in sight?” Maybe. Jill Read, a virtually-unknown, late 70’s female singer, released a small number of soul/doo-wop singles in 1977 before going M.I.A. “Maybe” is a nostalgic ballad that would have been all over the radio if it was recorded in the late 50’s. Its malt-shop melody and teenage naiveté revoke mushy first loves and beachside romance. Read’s voice is just as unique as the song’s anachronism, it’s frail and pleading, but strong and pissed off at the same time. The singer’s mysterious background, culturally out of place soulfulness, and reverb drenched guitars blend together to form a beautiful ode to adolescent heartbreak music. “Maybe” is a great reminder of just how big the world of music is and just how mysterious it works.



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