Irie Island by Coronation


While flipping through a J. Crew catalog, one can’t help but to feel that they’re reading an illustrated version of The Great Gatsby. Strolling through an Urban Outfitters is equivalent to walking through a casting room of extras on the set of Cry-Baby. Bands like Yuck and The Dirty Nil are vacations to the grunge era of the ‘90s. Culture’s ability to revisit its past is like no other aspect of American society; fashion is the only thing that has the ability to survive the indifferent, vicious vacuum of time. Yet, with all of this cultural recycling, one counterculture has yet to resurface: the rude boy. The late 1990’s saw a resurgence of ska-punk bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, and Reel Big Fish, but other than that, ska has been off of the cultural map for quite a while. “Irie Island” by laid-back Austinites, Coronation, is a wonderful reminder to the sandy world of ska. The song’s bouncy guitar riffing, quirky horn rhythms, and vocal odes to island chillin’ are about as laid back as group of stoned rude boys eating pizza on a Thursday night. The song’s sunny jauntiness transports listeners to Jamaica, surrounded by rastafaris and white pebble beaches. One of the most striking aspects of “Irie Island” is the fact that it doesn’t fall victim to cheap imitation; it’s not a copy-cat Sublime song and it’s not a Specials b-side – it’s a unique mix of both, and that’s what keeps you listening. Coronation’s take on ska and reggae is surprisingly refreshing and warmly addicting. Also, get ready for lead singer, Logan Lavalley’s, awesome scat solo toward the song’s ending. Expect good things to come from these relaxed rastamen.


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