Dive For Your Memory by The Go-Betweens


Morrissey sure has been kicking up dust in the independent world recently. The indie icon has been up to quite a bit since his “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” days (unfortunately nothing of that sort regards a Smiths reunion). It seems like Moz is on Pitchfork’s news timeline once a week; one day he’ll be feuding with David Bowie over cover art, the next, he’ll be in the hospital after being attacked by a dog, the next he’ll have a bleeding ulcer – it’s been nearly twenty-five years since Morrissey has been in his prime, and he has still not escaped the spotlight that he angrily adores. But Morrissey, it’s okay. You were a badass and we all loved The Smiths. And with that said, here is (as the song’s most liked YouTube comment states), “the best song The Smith’s never wrote.” The Go-Betweens have been described as a blend of Morrissey’s heart-on-sleeve melodrama and David Byrne’s new wave complexity – and rightfully so. “Dive For Your Memory” is dramatic and sappy similar to “Please, Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want,” and refreshingly modern like “Love – Building on Fire.” The song’s melody and lyrics are vibrant yet melancholy, a common feat of the new wave scene. “Dive For Your Memory’s” friendly poignancy is soothing and relatable, evoking the feeling you get when you drop a child off at college or leave a loved one at an airport. Unfortunately, The Go-Betweens never could break through the looming shadow of indie new-wave giants like The Smiths, They Might Be Giants, Talking Heads, and they never made a substantial footprint on the American or English charts. But, never mind the charts here are The Go-Betweens!


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