I’ll Kill Her by Soko

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Expectations can be the damnedest things. When they are fulfilled, they’re your best friends. When they’re not, expectations are your worst enemies. Think of that scene in 500 Days of Summer in which the camera cuts the screen in half and shows Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character’s expectations vs. reality as he attends a rooftop party that his ex (Zooey Deschanel) is throwing. The “expectations” side of the screen shows him privately kissing her at the corner of the roof, making her laugh, and spending the night with her. Yet, “reality” is not as idyllic; he sits alone, making awkward jokes to other patrons, and eventually storms out of the place after learning of Deschanel’s engagement. “I’ll Kill Her” by Danish singer-songwriter, Soko, is so evocative of unfulfilled desire that it’s almost sickening– in a good, comforting way. “I’ll Kill Her” is an angry address to the one who left Soko a female cuckold. The singer-songwriter’s lyricism is vaguely detailed and hilariously sardonic, featuring lines like, “we would have gone to the cinema, and then after to the restaurant,” and “she’ll dump your ass for a model named Brendan.” Her humor is dark, slightly feminist, and alternatively quirky. Her anger evokes old-school Liz Phair and her bad girl persona is uniquely similar to Fiona Apple. In a way, Soko could be viewed as a modern version of the Riot Grrrl movement. Her anger is just so fresh and to the point. Although, when finishing “I’ll Kill Her,” a sense of content falls onto the listener– it’s content in the fact that you didn’t piss Soko off.


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