Wild Hearts by The West


Whatever happened to listening music for the sake of listening to music? That is, can we even listen to music anymore without decrypting, recycling, or analyzing every little detail of it? Stop.  I know what you’re thinking: pretty hypocritical coming from a blogger who’s recent post revolved around the effects of capitalism on music. But I ask the previously stated questions with genuine sincerity. Sometimes I can’t help but to yearn for the elementary days where music was strictly for listening to, not to be used as an ideological machine or cultural source of identity. And “Wild Hearts” by up-and-coming popsters, The West, delivers that perfect blend of ignorance and sophistication, that is sure to get you bobbing your head and tapping your feet. The production is uniquely straightforward with its polished guitars, cacophonous pre-chorus percussion, and charmingly fresh female vocals. The lyrics feel relatable – an aspect that seems to be on a steady declination in today’s independent scene – and young; there’s plenty of references to cigarettes, morning-afters, being broke and failed relationships. But the friendly unpretentiousness of “Wild Hearts” is what makes the song so utterly charming and ironically unique. I look forward to future releases from these guys and so should you.


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