Red Light, Green Light by Dune Rats


Now that Best Coast has fallen off of the Pacific musical map and Wavves has jumped to the back of the surfed-out Ford Woody, who will take the beach-pop throne? Well Brisbane slackers, Dune Rats, seem to be onto something with their sunny, THC infused, slacker take on garage-pop. Dune Rats are obvious champions and advocates of beachside chilling. On “Red Light, Green Light,” the duo finds themselves concocting up a potion of raucous, So-Cal garage-pop that is as sunny as it is catchy. The drums are eager and full of robust youth, and the vocals soar around listeners in oceanic waves of 1990’s pop-punk melodies. Dune Rats’ inherent brattiness is more playful than irritating, and the two stoners are stupidly lovable; think Dumb and Dumber or Bill and Ted making beached-out garage rock. It shouldn’t be long before these guys start over publicizing their pet cats and doing Windows 8 commercials (that’s a good thing).


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