Always in Love by Edith Beake


There’s something about the pulse of a synthesizer that is so dreamily romantic. The synth swirls of Flock of Seagulls‘ ‘80’s electronic ballad, “Space Age Love Song,” are exact representations of the warm high of love, the intoxicating synth riff of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” feels like that first moment when you let your guard down and allow affection to take hold of your mind and body; these two songs are perfect examples of the unique romance birthed by electronic music. Edith Beake’s pensive synth-ballad, “Always in Love,” is saturated with heavy reverb, pulsating synth beats, and ethereal vocals. Beake’s siren-like voice is crisp enough to cut through “Always in Love’s” dense layers of MIDI effects but not strong enough to sound threatening; she’s eager and desirous, yet ultimately forlorn. The song’s nostalgic tone and pensive attitude work well with Beake’s romantic nostalgia, and the two elements blend together  masterfully, trapping listeners into their syrupy slew of batted-eyelashes and sentimental synths like a lonely, seaside siren. Edith Beake is sure to be stirring up the blogosphere with this gushy number.


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