My Way by T’Esque


Every year as SXSW ends, the blogosphere explodes with MP3’s and singles from promising artists trying to get signed. Some of them strike gold and get 8.0+ reviews on Pitchfork while others continue to wallow in their musical blue-collar sweat. The track that rests below this chunk of writing is like nothing we’ve ever blogged; it’s a track that sounds comfortable in the clubs nestled along the Jersey Shore, a song that is meant for rebellious teenage car rides with the windows down, and a song by a TRUE underdog. The story of how I encountered the man pointing to himself in the photo above is one that my friends and I will to take to the grave. Without giving too much detail, we met T’Esque during our college Spring Break vacation in Destin, Florida. While walking out of our rooms after a round of cheap tequila and hot pockets, we stood in front of the elevator when it suddenly opened. And standing there, erected like a brazen presidential statue, stood Patron a.k.a T’Esque. He had black rugged pants on, a baggy white polo shirt and a husky black jacket that read “Security” on it; his phone blared Drake’s “Started From the Bottom,” as the badass freestyled a few bars over its intro, until disappearing down the hall. A few hours after our mythical encounter with Patron, we found ourselves drunkenly inviting him into our room to get his story. And maybe it was the cheap tequila or maybe the intoxicating redundancy of Hot Pockets, but damn this guy was an inspiration. Fresh out of a prison sentence, T’Esque is naive to the power of the internet and public forums like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. While pacing back and forth around the halls of an Embassy Suites, he writes and develops his catchy Top 40 bound music with the dream of making it big to support his son. “My Way” does everything that made this guy so uniquely special.

Here’s a link to his Soundcloud page: T’Esque

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