Electronic-R&B artist REED likes to concentrate on the specifics, according to the small font on his website. It’s easy to see how he can back up this claim with standout track “NBMH”. REED’s electronic-R&B formula has obviously been done before, and very well in recent years thanks to Frank Ocean, Miguel, and Justin Timberlake, all of whom he has produced covers/remixes of. NBMH tilts between a glossy top 40 track and a mellow bedroom pop tune, but by no means is a happy song.”Nobody breaks my heart but me” sings REED, in an attempt to warn his female companion for the night to come. With an intricate composition of clapping 808’s, dark synthesizer sounds, and bone-chilling lyrics, NBMH is one of those songs to put on the end of your  “Date Night” CD, just in case the night doesn’t go the way you planned it. She’ll get the message pretty quick, and you’ll be thanking REED for this gem.


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