Vanity Fair did an interesting article about a month back entitled, “Why Punk Scene Would Have Hated Today’s ‘Punk Nostalgia’”. The article attacked modern punk’s recent consumerist leanings and called upon old school punk troubadours like Patti Smith and The Clash to set the story straight. ’70’s punk musicians played with a passion; they were new and indignant, and they spawned revolution. Today’s punk just doesn’t have that inherent sense of urgency present in “Know Your Rights” or Blank Generation. At times, modern punk comes off as privileged-white-kid-whining. But never mind the  bollocks, here’s The Fighting League! These Australian bros pride themselves on their angsty-teen  “tropical punk.” Their skateboard-punk sound is sloppy yet refined, like a Minutemen-Fugazi birth child. When listening through Tropical Paradise, expect Tony Hawk nostalgia; the album will fit nicely to some vintage Natas Kaupas or Bones Brigade highlights. However, the band’s most refreshing quality is their give-no-shit attitude. They play what they want, how they want, and they don’t give no god damn. It’s an attitude entirely refreshing in a world where wearing a Black Flag t-shirt is now considered conformist.

-Ryan Ricks



  1. kieran

    Yeah but punk is all sorts of shit, don’t have to dig hard to find interesting and inspiring stuff like these nice canberra boys. Punk is dead attitude is one of the most boring and restrictive things one can say about punk. BACK IN MY DAY….

    1. theendlessbummer Post author

      By no means is ‘punk dead.’ And my post wasn’t necessarily arguing that. It’s just different. And how does a true ‘punk’ even exist in today’s increasingly profit-oriented world? That’s more of what I’m interested in in terms of punk and its analysis.

      Yr buddy,



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