All The Bros Say by ABADABAD


Well now that the blogosphere has unofficially declared summer’s arrival, it’s time to contribute to that notion. Yeah, it’s cliche and it’s redundant, but there’s something inherently pleasing about the concept of a “summer song.” The perfect summer song shouldn’t even feel like a song—it’s more of a sensation. It’s like cool tall boy after a hard day of work or a breezy bike ride through the city. The perfect summer song works as a nostalgic zeitgeist; everyone has that one song that transports them back to a particular summer. “All The Bros Say” by the bro-fi Boston outfit, ABADABAD evokes a casual summer spent through Instagrammed filtered shades. It’s an easygoing song that tackles antagonizing issues; communication failure, relationships, and mid-drive confrontation brush shoulders with Harlem migrations and peer pressure as the beach bros blast those anxious connotations with waves of sunny bliss. ABADABAD doesn’t adhere to the same-sounding, Urban Outfitterized rules that many beach-pop predecessors before them established. Instead, the band integrates elements of garage, 60’s psych, and even tinges of 70’s radio rock into their music that makes it subtly unique. So when your needle burns through your Beach Fossils and Real Estate records, pop on some ABADABAD and go for a swim.

-Ryan Ricks


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