Fast Life by After Hours

After Hours Fast Life

After Hours is the electronic synth-pop project of Atlanta musician, Bill Jabr. His first single is a sweet, infectious song that will have most listeners “raping the replay button”, as those on Youtube say. A lush synth melody accompanied by Prince-inspired vocals makes for a fun listen every time, and is about as fresh as that first cup of water after waking up a little past noon. In case you didn’t already know, my buddy and I share a youthful obsession for the season of Summer and music that embodies “that summer feeling”. Garage/beach rock will dominate my summer playlists without a doubt, but the slowed-summer atmosphere of Fast Life will serve as a catalyst to my bouncy jangle-pop obsession, providing me with a chance to casually lay back and melt into the couch or aimlessly float in the pool. Hell, just sitting here watching the goons on ESPN recite grievances regarding the New York Jets is somewhat fun while listening to this song.

– Brendon


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