Walk at Midnight by Silkies

Never Tell a Lie EP cover art

Boston-via-Austin band Silkies plays a brand of surf-pop that is far too often overlooked by the masses in today’s internet dominated world. On their brand spankin’ new EP Never Tell a Lie, Silkies take influence from classic 60’s girl groups (The Crystals, The Shangri-Las) and more modern post-punk influenced groups (Beach Fossils, Eternal Summers), creating a darker fusion of surfy riffs and lo-fi jangle, a sound perfect for an aimless late night drive or chillin’ with the moon out on a quiet Texas beach. “Walk at Midnight” definitley stands out as one of the more engaging tracks off the EP. An eerie female narration paints trippy images of lurking eyes, shiny knives, tiny mirrors hanging in hallways, and nodding off at shadows on the wall, which really captured my attention. The song creates a mysterious uncertainty for the listener that is often left out of a lot of today’s buzz-worthy beach-pop jams, and shows that not every tune in the so-called genre calls for a positive ode to sunshine in order to have that instantaneous catchy sound that we’re all searching for. Go download Never Tell a Lie  now and put it on your summer playlist immediately!

– Brendon Hoeferkamp


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