Smoked Halibut by Ancient Babes

Ancient Babes is the moniker of Sam King, a 26 year old dude who lives in Vancouver. Having been in various rock/shoegaze bands since he was 15, King finally felt that it was time to go solo, and boy has he delivered so far. “Smoked Halibut” features a very dark atmosphere crafted by David Lynch-like synthesizers and a steady drum machine beat. It’s a song that was really made to chill out hard to, and literally get lost in. Hazy vocals are introduced with a bit of reverb-tinged guitar that swirls into the picture, and the shoe-gaze influence really shines through. While not much else is known of the mysterious Ancient Babes, we know for sure that this is just the beginning for the wonderfully dreamy, psychedelic synth project. Check out another rad track, “Malcom X in the Middle”, below as well.

– Brendon Hoeferkamp


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