Dreamin’ Wild in Austin, Texas

It’s funny how whenever I endorse this blog to others I always emphasize that it’s an ‘Austin blog’. While it’s true I do write these posts in Austin TX, I think it’s absolutely absurd that I’ve never given any attention to the artists that make Austin the true “Live Music Capital of the World” (I’m not the biggest fan of that phrase, but whatever, it’s got a nice ring to it). I’ve lived here my whole life and witnessed the vast migration of kids and adults to the Central Texas oasis, and while I fully support the “Don’t Dallas My Austin” punch-line, I’m starting to realize we have no choice but to accept the change. Despite this growth and change, Austin will always be a city of dreams, a place where one can escape, fantasize, and start over if needed. Below are some great local artists, all of which work their asses off to keep that Austin TX dream alive. I chose not to write anything about the artists or their music because I want their music to speak for itself, and you to interpret it in anyway you please.

Tiger Waves


Jesse Woods

Shivery Shakes

Dana Falconberry

Unknown Relatives

Sleep Good

Church Shoes

Love Inks

Bill Baird

Roger Sellers

If you enjoyed these artists I urge you to support them in any way possible. Go to their Bandcamps, go to shows, buy the vinyl/CD, share them with your buddies. Keep the dream alive!


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