Opinion: What is punk?

Mr. Ricks has something to say about the definition of “Punk”. Agree? Disagree? and Why? Comment or tweet to let us know!

Surfing Saxophone


What is punk? It’s a question that’s formed the backbone of many redundant documentaries, intoxicated late night conversations, snobby record store employee ideologies, and modern age twitter shit-slinging—it’s a question that feels absurdly unanswerable yet dangerously tangible, and it’s a question that will never, ever find a permanent solution. However, punk’s frustrating ambiguity should not go without analysis. Punk and its ethics are vital sources of innovation within the music community and the world as a whole—it’d be a musical sin to remain ignorant on the subject.

First off, punk is an ideology, not a fashion. Billy Bragg once said, “Were it not for the Clash, punk would have just been a sneer, a safety pin, and pair of bondage trousers.” It’s a statement that hopefully rings true in most punks’ ears. The Clash politicized punk and gave it a purpose. After “White Riot,” the image of Sid Vicious didn’t…

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