Rapper’s Delight: 5 Cut$ U Prbly Missed

Surfing Saxophone


Long Pinky — Beautiful Lou feat. Action Bronson & RiFF RAFF 

The final song from Adult Swim’s 2013 singles program features Action Bronson and RiFF RAFF rapping over production by Beautiful Lou (Trilla – A$AP Rocky).

Set the Scene — P.R feat. Skyzoo & Substantial 

Australian producer P.R releases his follow-up to last year’s Introspection EP with his new EP, Moment in Time. The Nujabes (R.I.P.) influenced producer leads it off with “Set the Scene;” hooking up again with frequent Nujabes collaborator, Substantial and underground veteran Skyzoo.

Virgin — Gucci Mane feat. Young Dolph & Young Thug 

Fresh off his August release of  World War 3, which featured three mixtapes: Lean, Gas, and Molly; Gucci Mane dropped yet another mixtape, Diary of a Trap God, earlier this month in the middle of a public meltdown on twitter. Young Dolph manages the best verse in…

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