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Too Hard to Find by Travis Bretzer


The chubby Asian kid in School of Rock hit it right on the money when he famously said, “People in bands are cool.” It’s a goofy but true statement; people in bands are monoliths of cutting-edge coolness. Who didn’t think the Stones were cool when they ditched their Beatles hairdos and prom night suits for shaggy DIY haircuts and raggedy skinny jeans? Or when Lou Reed gave the industry a big middle finger by releasing 1975 avant-garde masterpiece, Metal Machine Music? Musicians are badass. It’s indisputable. And it’s time to welcome Travis Bretzer into the hip world of musical badass-ery. The under-appreciated 2010 hidden gold, Saucy Tasters oozes with such cigarette burning hipness that one can’t help to feel cool when listening to it. “Too Hard to Find” is a bumbling garage rock tune that sounds like an Exile on Mainstreet-Nuggets lovechild. Bretzer has a unique voice that epitomizes hipness. Jagger, Casablancas, Iggy are obvious influences and Bretzer wears them on his denim sleeves with refreshing confidence. Just one listen to Saucy Tasters and you’ll want to quit your day job, pick up a drug habit, shave one side of your head, and return your Polo hoody for a denim jacket. It is an incredibly hip sounding record but it never falls victim to pretension. It’s catchy and gorgeously melodic. Definitely look forward to future releases from this guy.